Safety cabinet class II

Protection of personnel and the environment is a very important task for any laboratory. Standard cabinets provide basic protection and can help with the organization of a sterile environment with a number of protective measures. What about pathogens and the microorganisms? BSC class 2 can help in solving this problem. This type of equipment is specifically designed to work with pathogens and hazardous reagents.

Sealed design and reliable filtration system protects the environment and personnel. Biosafety cabinet class ii is designed not only for laboratories, but also for clinics, hospitals and research centers. No more PBA danger! Filtration and removal of harmful substances will help staff to work in safe conditions.

Special air flow blocks the release of harmful substances outside the cabinet. Special filters capture the smallest particles and ensure the sterility of the workflow. This type of equipment can simplify many laboratory processes.

Our company specializes in creating the best protection cabinets in its class. We use innovative technologies, the best materials and high-quality production line. This allows you to create high-quality equipment for various needs.