Biological safety cabinet solutions

Many laboratory practices, research and workflows are associated with contaminated materials and aerosols. Such complex types of work involve the presence of biological safety cabinet with a system for protecting personnel and the environment. You need to create a controlled workspace where every employee will be safe. Human life is very valuable, so the slightest problems can adversely affect the employees’ health. We know how to help you.

Each biosafety clean air cabinet is designed for a specific type of work. A special system with HEPA filters blocks small particles, hazardous biological materials and other elements. This allows you to control the workflow in the laboratory at any stage. Such equipment provides a clean air flow, without contaminated particles.

All biological cabinets of our company are made for modern types of work with increased danger. We guarantee high quality control at every stage of production. Design and assembly of cabinets comes from high quality materials. This is the main rule of our company. All products must be the best on the market.

Any experiment with this equipment will be successful. Cabinets protect workflow, personnel and materials studied. No more problems with the organization of the working space. All our products are guaranteed to provide your laboratory with a comfortable working environment and an adequate level of protection.